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When we are up in the air with drones the possibilities to create stunning aerial images are endless. We have many years of experience creating moving images, and with our wide range of various flying platforms (a.k.a drones) we can do almost anything*. If your project needs anything that requires to be shot from the air, we are pretty sure we can find a solution that works for you.

*We have to follow current regulations and laws applying to the current location we are flying in.


Whether you are shooting a feature film or a commercial for TV you will, sooner or later, want to incorporate aerials to your project. If you´re on a high-end project shooting with state of the art cameras you´ll often not like to sacrifice image quality for the aerials. Most consumer drones do deliver great image quality for the price nowadays, but for the most demanding producers it isn´t enough. That´s why we have our state of the art flying platform called the "FreeFly ALTA" which can fly the most high end line of cameras including the RED Epic and the Alexa Mini.

This drone platform has the possibility to mount the camera both underneath and on top, and it is one of the most versatile drones in the market right now for demanding aerial cinematography.

"the CONDOR"

                of the SkyShooter Fleet


"the EAGLE"

                of the SkyShooter Fleet

Unfortunately this beast of a drone isn´t within reach for every budget or even not suitable for every filming situation, and that´s why we also offer an alternative solution with our DJI Inspire 2 and 1 Pro/RAW. For the most simplest of missions, or were none of the other alternatives are suitable, we even have the DJI Mavic Pro. Which is a drone so small (yet so powerful) that can fit in your pocket!

"the FALCON 2 RAW"
                 of the SkyShooter Fleet

"the FALCON"
                 of the SkyShooter Fleet

the DJI Inspire Pro/RAW

"the SPARROW 2"
                        of the SkyShooter Fleet

the DJI Mavic Pro 2 HASSELBLAD camera
the DJI Inspire 2 X7 & X5S RAW


DroneBuggy / CameraCar 

                        of the SkyShooter Fleet

the SkyShooter custom built CameraCar / DroneBuggy fitted with our NEW MÖVI PRO and our
NEW Panasonic LUMIX GH5 10bit 4:2:2 400Mbit camera rocking a 2x Anamorphic 70mm from SLR Magic.  


Sometimes all you need is just some still images from above. It can be to visualize a view for an upcoming real estate project, to document a construction process, or you just want to make a poster with a high quality image of your house. We can help you achieve the best quality for your aerial photos. We can take to the sky almost any DSLR camera or medium format camera with high quality lenses for those high resolution pictures. Our custom built heavy lift octacopter "the ALBATROSS" is a very reliable and safe flying platform for this kind of missions.


                of the SkyShooter Fleet


Although our main business idea is to deliver everything aerial, we also possess the knowledge to create great images on the ground too. Our latest addition "Wolverine" is a special built RC camera car with a stabilized gimbal for those high speed chasing scenes, low angels, dangerous environments and NoFly zones.

But there is more, we have individually lots of experience with more traditional cinematography and still photography as well as editing and grading skills. So if you are looking for an overall solution for your project, look no further! Our pilot and cinematographer Marcus is even a certified diver and has done a lot of under water filming. If you want to hire us individually you´re welcome to contact us!

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